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  • YLSK-540


    YLSK-540 spring coiling machine adopts Taiwan computer control and Japanese imported servo motor,with high-speed,high-precision and fast facilitate.
    Rolled wire diameter 1.5-4.0mm, convoluted than 3-8, spring maximum diameter is 80mm cylinder, cone, convex, concave and variable pitch reducing tension and compression spring.
    YLSK-540 spring machine computer controller divided into wire feeding, cutting off, pitch and axis diameter.
    One axis is the wire feeding, and the imported servo motor drive with the power of 5.5KW can realize arbitrary length of high speed and high precision wire feeding (the accuracy can reach 0.1mm, the highest speed of wire feeding is as high as 30m/min).
    The second and third axis is cut off, the two servo motors with power of 1.5KW are respectively controlled by the upper and lower cutting off the slider, realizing cutting and twisting cut.
    The fourth axis is pitch, the servo motor is driven by the power of the 1.5KW. The high precision rolling crew is used to make the pitch claw move, thus ensuring the accuracy of the pitch claw.
    The fifth is axis diameter, the servo motor is driven by the power of the 1.5KW, through the cam and the plane lever drives the variable diameter slider to complete the axis diameter. The lifting of the core shaft is controlled by the motor which is convenient for people. In the production process, the machine is stable, running smoothly, wearing and long life.
    This machine use computer numerical control, can movement independently and also make the linkage of any axis coordination.
    YLSK-540 high speed spring pressure machine is kind of high accuracy, high efficiency, reasonable structure, easy to use, debug simple, best man-machine dialogue spring processing equipment.




    Machining wire diameter (mm)


    Instruction value of wire feed


    Instruction value of cam


    Servo motor of wire feed (kw)


    Servo motor of upper (kw)


    Servo motor of lower (kw)


    Servo motor of cam (kw)


    Servo motor of wire pitch


    Machine size (mm)


    Weight (kg)



    380V 3P

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